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The LED (Light Emitting Diode) light is without a doubt the latest and greatest revolution in lighting technology. But what is LED Commander? A commander, or chief officer, has a rank roughly equivalent to that of the first officer on board. It is also an electronic control unit. The LED Commander GmbH & Co. KG deems itself as both as your first officer in overcoming challenges in terms of light technology as well as your control unit for any electronic application procedures.



Our development services begin with the product idea (depending on customer requirements) and include hardware/software development, layout design, creating a test concept as well as prototype production, certification, and low volume production.

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We provide professional, flexible, and timely implementation of development, samples, small batch series or low volume productions, which are carried out in our development and prototyping centre in Jena. Together with our reliable partners in central Germany (who are well equipped in terms of production technology), a larger volume could be produced.

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The development and manufacturing within our own companies is based on many years of experience with LED technology. Design your LED lighting solutions with LED Commander, where we support you and supply you with innovative products which are fully modified to fit your individual needs.

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